Helium Filled Balloons

As well as selling a large range of helium balloons, we offer a helium filling service at our Hamilton Store.

Balloon Type Fill Price
Standard Latex Balloon (28-30cm) $2
43cm Latex Balloon $6
60cm Latex Balloon $16
Jumbo Balloon (filled to 70cm) $19
Jumbo Balloon (filled to 90cm) $29
Foil Number Balloon (86cm) $10
Foil Letter Balloon (86cm) $15
Round / Square Foil Balloon (45cm) $4
Orbz / Clearz $8
Supershape $10 - $12*
Airwalker $24 - $30*
Foil Balloon Bouquet (5 balloons) $28
Hi Float (additional to helium) $0.50
Balloon weight $2
Curling ribbon included
* Depends on size / volume  

All helium fill prices above are additional to the price of the balloon. Fill price is per balloon and includes curling ribbon.

Please allow 48 hours notice for larger orders - call in or call us to book your balloon order.

Sorry, we don't offer a balloon delivery service for inflated balloons.

Guide to filling Helium Balloons:

  • Latex balloons generally float 8-12 hours so are best filled on the day.  Float time can be affected by atmospheric conditions such as temperature.
  • For longer float times, we can add Hi-Float to latex balloons. This can increase the float time to 3 - 7 days.
  • Foil balloons do not require Hi-Float and will normally float for 7 days or more.
  • Take care when handling and transporting balloons. High temperatures, e.g. a hot car, can cause latex balloons to pop.

Helium Cylinder Tank Hire:

We offer a Helium Cylinder hire service for you to inflate your own balloons. This is a great option for decorating larger events such as corporate functions.

  • Helium Cylinder + Regulator to fill approx 45 balloons - $95
  • Helium Cylinder + Regulator to fill approx 100 balloons - $195

Please note that balloon numbers are based on standard 28cm (11") balloons and are approximate depending on operator consistency. The hireage period is for 3 days e.g. pick-up Friday, return Monday. A bond of $100 will be charged in addition to the hireage fee and will be fully refunded once the equipment is returned. All prices include GST. All cylinder hire bookings must be made at least 48 hours prior to pick-up. Please contact us to book your helium cylinder.